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Martin Mac 500

Lighting Design has no limits with the Martin Mac 500. The MAC 500 is a reliable and award-winning profile spot luminaire, which projects a bright beam with a razor-sharp hard-edge.

• 575 Watt discharge lamp.
• PAN/TILT range of 440°/306°.
• 1 Rotating Gobo Wheel with 6 gobos plus open.
• 1 fixed Gobo Wheel with 9 gobos plus open.
• 2 color Wheels each with 9 color slots plus open.
• Rotating prism.
• Motorized iris and focus.
• MP2 updates the software over the DMX link
• Convenient ¼ turn fasteners
• Automatic Feedback System.

The Martin Mac 500 offers an impressive array of lighting effects and is used wherever sharp-edged profile projection is needed. Specified the world over in a variety of applications, the Martin Mac 500 has an unmatched performance and specification.
The head of the Martin Mac 500 features 440° horizontal pan and 306° of vertical tilt, while self-adjusting motor belts ensure smooth and quick adjustments. Achromatic lenses provide hard-edged 17° and 23.5° beam angles. A unique bayonet mounting system makes beam angle changes a breeze.

A combined microstep-driven, full range dimmer/shutter provides fluid, linear or simulated tungsten dimming curves and can strobe up to 23 Hz. A motorized iris, rotating 3 facet, bi-directional prism and motorized focus can be incorporated to enhance beam effects. Motorized focus of the optical bank allows for very sharp and clear projection. Smooth crossfades are possible, as well as immediate changes in projection length. Focus is from 2 meters to infinity.
Dual color wheels combine to produce 67 different color shades. One wheel offers 9 easily replaceable color slots. CTC filters are also included. There are two pattern wheels for the Martin Mac 500. The first houses 5 replaceable indexible rotating patterns. The second is itself rotating, with 9 replaceable pattern slots. Patterns can be replaced easily in seconds by simply removing a single spring mechanism and then removing the pattern slot ...

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Martin Mac 500
Martin Mac 500

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