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Martin Wizard Extreme

The magical mid-air performer
The ultimate in club effect lighting just got better!
No other luminaire in the industry can match the magic of the Martin WizardExtreme and now with the Martin WizardExtreme, stunningly brilliant reflection and wild gobo patterns have been added to push out every ounce of power!

• Brilliant reflection from parabolic mirrors
• 20% Brighter than the original Wizard
• Over 80 color gobo beams
• DMX controlled
• Color wheel with 7 colors plus open
• Gobo wheel with 14 stunning patterns (3 with dichroic reflectors)
• Shutter for fast strobing.
• High-output, 3000-hour, 250-watt discharge lamp

• Improved focus control for greater optical effects
• Multi-coupler option for centerpiece action
• Effortless external lamp adjustment

Extreme output
Screaming new reflector captures and throws out the total power of the Martin WizardExtreme deep into every corner of the night. With at least 20% more reflection the Martin WizardExtreme is unmatched in its shinning performance.
Extreme focus
Improved focus control allows you to home in on the exact image you need to relay. Designed for minimal maintenance, the Wizard Extreme houses a high-output 250-watt discharge lamp with a 2000-hour life that guarantees long-lasting performance.

The Cluster Option
A special optional multi-coupler is available to create the meanest centrepiece giving your space a total light and effect bombardment.

Box of Tricks
The Martin WizardExtreme is DMX-intelligent and features a 7-color wheel, a gobo wheel with 13 stunning patterns (3 dichroic glass gobos) and a separate shutter for fast strobing ...

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Martin WizardExtreme
Martin Wizard Extreme

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