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Martin MX 10 Extreme

The new Martin MX-10 Extreme takes a dancefloor classic and reloads it with a powerful infusion of engineering excellence and design and technology, creating a versatile tool for a huge range of applications.

• 250W MSD/2 long life lamp
• Superb image quality
• Pan/tilt range: 230,4 deg / 75,6 deg
•  8 interchangeable indexed-rotating gobos
•  12 interchangeable colors
•  Interchangeable 3-facet prism
•  Motorized focus
•  Full-range dimming •  Beam Angle: 18 degree
•  Fast lamp adjustment possibility
•  Advanced low-noise motor control

Extreme output
The latest in Martin’s popular MX series, this high-octane performer wields unrivalled brightness in a 250-watt package. A complete optical redesign achieves superb picture quality along with maximum optical efficiency. A multi-layer dichroic reflector minimizes thermal stress and delivers a beautifully even beam with smooth color distribution.

Smooth fast performance
The MX-10 Extreme breaks new ground in speed and smoothness. Advanced new motor technology has resulted in improved, faster movements across all functions: pan and tilt, color and gobo rotation, prism and shutters.

Graphical effects
To provide you with an unlimited source of effects, MX-10 Extreme houses 12 replaceable colors with split color possibilities, 8 rotating gobo patterns, and a rotating, 3-facet prism for more creative effects ...

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 Martin MX 10 Extreme
Martin MX 10 Extreme

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