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Martin MC Switch

The Martin MC Switch lets you power up and down 6 fixtures such as lights or mirror balls, with the option of daisy chaining up to 24 units through four power boxes.

• Power up and down 6 fixtures
• Daisy chain up to 24 units through four power boxes
• Works with lights, fog machines or mirror balls
• Six channels out
• Maximum of 300W output for each channel (1,800W total)
• Easy to use, install and set up
• May be used as table or rack mount and truss mount with clamp and M10 bolt
•  Sturdy and robust design with rubber buttons

The Martin MC Switch control box connects to a power box which has six IEC channels out via RJ 45 cable - allowing a maximum of 300W output for each. (US version maximum output: 250W per output/fixture).

The MC switch controls lights such as the Mania, egos, T-Rex, Raptor and fixtures like mirror balls. The control is a mains power on/off digital switch which is controlled via a remote control with on/off buttons.

Upon linking 1 controller and switch together, the maximum distance is 20 Mtr / 66 Ft Linking multible switches to the controller, the maximum distance is 10 Mtr./33 Ft


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 Martin MC Switch
Martin MC Switch

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