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Martin Mania DC2

The Martin Mania DC2 is the third dazzling light fixture in the Mania series. It is a decoration tool which projects sensational images of flickering flames - turning up the heat at any show, club or party - even before you lay the tunes.

• Passionate lighting to set the mood at any celebration
• Brilliant Flame effects
• No duty cycle – no cool down period – no stopping you
• Variable focus
• Variable speed
• Long-life lamp with an un-paralleled 800 hours of action

The Martin Mania DC2 has a variable focus which allows you to blur the edges of your projected image and a variable speed of the flame effect to range your decorative projections from a cozy flicker to a blazing inferno.

Best of all is the Martin Mania DC2’s incredible capacity for stamina. Unlike most lighting fixtures on the market the Martin Mania DC2 has no duty cycle, which means there are no cool down periods and no stopping the show. Why bother with decorative lighting that needs to be shut down every 15 minutes leaving holes in your décor? Like the crowd, the Martin Mania DC2 doesn’t need to rest, so you can keep it shining all night!

Utilizing the know-how of the total Martin experience, from lighting clubs to stadiums, in the Mania DC2 our R&D team have put together a fixture that not only out-prices its peers, but out-shines them in brightness, clarity and functionality. All for the most revolutionary prices seen.

Through the opening of another solely owned, high tech production facility in China, Martin is able to produce the Martin Mania DC2 below the cost of its competitors. Giving you a clear passage to the tools you need to color your show, club or party.

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Martin Mania DC2
Martin Mania DC2

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