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Martin Mac 700 profile

When looking at the Martin Mac 700 profile you might find it hard to fully comprehend just how Martin has placed so many features and so much power into a sleek moving head this compact and light. But a compact, light, fixture with power and optical precision beyond its peers is exactly what Martin set out to achieve in the Martin Mac 700 profile.

Fully equipped with all the industry standard Martin features, the Martin Mac 700 profile also combines a full CMY color mixing system supplemented with an 8 position color wheel and a gobo animation system for dramatic projection effects.

• 700 Watt Superior Optics
• Motorized Zoom and Focus
• CMY Color-mixing
• 8 Position Color Wheel
• Full DMX Gobo Animation System
• Six-position rotating and indexing gobo wheel, (plus open)
• Nine metal gobos wheel, (plus open)
• Dimmer / Shutter
• Strobe effects up to 10 Hz.
• Motorized Iris and Prism
• Electronic Ballast
• Quiet Operation

Superior Optics
A 700 Watt, double-ended lamp works together with a tremendously efficient reflector to punch out more light than you are used to seeing in a fixture this compact.

Motorized Zoom and Focus
A variable motorized zoom allows for full control over the beam angle of the Martin Mac 700 profile. Without restrictions or lens changes the fixture zooms continuously from 15 to 31 degrees. A variable focus system allows you to adjust the sharpness of your projection at any beam angle, whether you need a razor sharp image or a de-focused background effect.

CMY Color-mixing
A CMY color-mixing system mixes colors instantly and accurately. The system employs six coated dichroic flags providing a full spectrum of fantastic rich colors. Mechanically short distances make for extremely fast color bumps ...

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Martin Mac 700 profile
Martin Mac 700 profile

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