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Martin Mac 550

The new Martin Mac 550 features unprecedented illumination for a 400W fixture, astounding graphics and animation, all wrapped within the award winning design of the MAC 2000. Combined with its motorized zoom and new color and gobo motors and unique gobo animation system, it is a small revolution in the world of quiet, mid-sized fixtures.

• Motorized zoom (14 to 30 degrees)
• Gobo animation wheel with full movement / direction control
• 2 x 8 slot replaceable color wheels, plus open
• 1 x 6 position rotating gobo wheel, plus open
• 1 x 9 position static gobo wheel, plus open
• Rotating Replaceable Prism
• Dimmer / Shutter
• Remote Focus
• Motorized Iris
• 540 degrees Pan x 246 degrees Tilt

Zoom & Focus
The MAC 550’s variable motorized zoom and focus expands the beam continuously from 14° – 30° with high precision and sharpness.

Gobo Animation
The Martin Mac 550 features a DMX–controlled gobo animation system - unique to a mid-sized luminare. It is specially engineered to create animated effects such as clouded skies, reflective seas and flames. The system comes complete with one animation wheel, with further wheels available to expand your library. Each wheel is quickly changed via a magnetic coupling without the use of tools.

Powerful 400W illumination, enhanced by a multi-layered, dichroic reflector, gives the Martin Mac 550 unprecedented optical efficiency. Advances in lamp technology have allowed a significant and measurable amplification to lumen output, far surpassing the 550’s peers ...

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Martin Mac 550
Martin Mac 550

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