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Studio Due Hercules 600m

The Studio Due Hercules 600m projects, thanks to an extremely efficient optic system (PATENT PENDING), a powerful light beam which can create numberless color shades. Its performances, in terms of luminousity and lighted surfaces, can reach incredible levels.
New concept optical system (WxH 40°x45° or 45°x40°) with rotating parabole to illuminate the surface with maximum horizontal or vertical beam opening.

Art. 03051: Studio Due Hercules 600m


MSD 575 HR
Color temperature: 6.000° K Average lamp life: 3.000 hours
Luminous flux: 43.000 lm
Colour rendering index: >90Burning position: Universal

MSR 575 HR
Color temperature: 6.000° K Average lamp life: 1.000 hours
Luminous flux: 49.000 lm
Colour rendering index: 95Burning position: Universal

Available lamps
HMP 575 SE
BA 800 SE
MSA 600 SE
Full CYM unlimited variety of colours and shades.
High resolution stepper motors ...

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Studio Due Hercules 600m
Studio Due Hercules 600m

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