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Studio Due Shark 250

The development of the new range of motorised spots continues and Studio Due presents the Studio Due Shark 250: a moving head that, manufactured in plastic and aluminium, combines a modern design to a considerable lightness and reliability. This is achieved by using many pressed parts that considerably reduce the tolerance and the possibilities of mistakes during the assembling. All the production run is carried on in the company – design, plate working, dies, electronics development – which enables us to manufacture a modern and reliable fixture, quoted at a very competitive price.
The fixture uses the modern and reliable MSD250/2 lamp, with over 1500 hrs life and a colour temperature of 8500K, whose extreme white light generates an incredibly bright

beam. The Studio Due Shark 250 is equipped with a converter filter which, in the standard version, reduces the colour temperature to 3200K. The lamp can be put in stand-by through the DMX control. The igniter automatically ignites the lamp once this has reached the most appropriate temperature. From the fixture display it is possible to read either the hours that the lamp and the fixture have been working for. The display is provided with Flip function to turn the writing upside down for a correct reading either when the spot is hung or when is placed on a surface. Special care and attention were paid in the realisation of the colour wheel which, for the sophisticated design and the particular cut of the filters, makes it possible to project besides the basic colurs and the colours added to the correction filter, also 6 scenographic colours. The two motors used in the shutter enable a regular and extremely fast blackout effect of the lamp. All the 9 gobos are rotating and accept either crystal and metal gobos: the standard version is equipped with 7 metal and 2 crystal gobos. One parabole combined to an infra-red filter has been used on the optic system to reduce the working temperature of the gobos and colour filters thus lengthening their life and obtaining long-quality performances. Three treated lenses are used for the focus: one is motorised and permits to control the focus in DMX. Among the other useful functions it is worth to mention the 4 facet-prism which can rotate in both directions at the speed of one revolution per second at one revolution every 300 ms, and one medium frost filter which makes the projection of the light beam similar to a wash of equal power. The best of this projector is surely the Pan/Tilt movement run at 16 bit through microprocessor: the re-posistioning in real time is achieved by optical encoders, and the reset by swicth ...

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Studio Due Shark 250
Studio Due Shark 250

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