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Martin Xciter

Close the circle
The new Xciter lighting controller from Martin closes the circle on total performance control. It provides complete functionality to your fingertips, with instant pitch adjustment, freeze, flash, blackout, master fader and more. From the most personal show to mid-sized performances, the Xciter puts you in total control.

• 40 fixtures, with maximum of 48 channels + dimmers (Total max 512 channels)
• Add Pan/Tilt shape effects with timing effects
• Add any effect to a single channel including timing effects
• Up to 10 manual override scenes during playback on faders
• Pitch fader; gives increase or decrease to show speed by up to 5 times.

• Freeze button
• Master fader to adjust general light intensity
• 4 Programmable custom buttons.
• Assign different spectrums of the music as a trigger for any parameter of the fixture(s).
•  Export, backup or import shows via USB to PC.

Live control
Let your impulses take over. Improvise and match the mood with instant pitch adjustment, freeze, flash, blackout, master fader and more. Xciter gives you unprecedented spontaneity with six general faders and two masters, six flash and four customised buttons. Every cue, every effect, every fixture for every beat, is now just a hand reach away.

The X FX
With Xciter, lighting and effect triggers are no longer confined to simple BPM’s. The Xciter sports leading edge technology that allows different fixtures to follow base, mids or highs, in fact all spectrums of your music; giving greater pronouncement to individual rhythms and giving you a complete and dynamic show ...

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Martin Xciter
Martin Xciter

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