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Martin Case Pro I

Small, yet functional, the Case PRO I contains all the features of the larger Case controllers, ideal for club installations and small to medium size productions.

• Control of up to 700 fixtures, 1536 DMX channels
• Fixture library of all known manufacturers
• Direct access to fixtures and their parameters
• Reliable and robust construction
• Advanced effect generator to be applied on all parameters
• Precise timing control, individually for each fixture and their parameters

Intricate lighting, instinctive control
Used internationally in touring, rental and musical applications, multimedia shows, large clubs and theatre installations, Martin Case Pro consoles are durable lighting desks which have provided years of service to the market for lighting control.
Easy setup and control
Case control desks allow the lighting designer to view the fixture set-up graphically, on screen, for easy identification. The easy to use fixture library contains all well-known lighting brands.
Programming and operation
Case control desks allow for unique control of all fixtures and their parameters. For example, for each cue all parameters on each fixture can have their own delay and fade IN/OUT times. Multiple cues can be launched simultaneously and split cues are also possible. The cue-list can be manually triggered or can be synchronized with an internal timer, SMPTE time code or MIDI. You can even use the time code from a standard audio CD ...

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Martin Case Pro I
Martin Case Pro I

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