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Martin Maxxyz

Maxxyz is Martin’s professional lighting console and the most advanced stage lighting console on the market today thanks to a string of highly original features and intuitive design.

• Integrated 3D Visualizer: preview or program in real-time 3D
• DVD/CD/CD-R drive (DVD drive is not intended for movie playback and has no DVD Player software)
• Digital LCD buttons for fast and direct programming
• Remote capabilities: via Ethernet or Internet from a laptop or other console
• Multiple wing attachment
• Built-in intercom station and headset
• Up to 32 DMX universes, 8 available directly from the console

• Motorized faders
• Dual processing power, 2 x 1.2 GHz Pentium III CPUs

Maxxyz incorporates all the features that professionals should expect: extremely fast processing power, direct fixture access, powerful effects generator, USB, motorized faders, quality touch screens, along with SMPTE/VITC/LANC/MIDI timecoding.

But Maxxyz also offers programmers and LDs a string of impressive features.

Maxxyz is one of the first of its kind to incorporate digital LCD buttons designed for tailored, flexible programming. This lets you group functions to an LCD button and customize your console layout to enhance ease of navigation and fast recognition.

A key element of Maxxyz is its built-in 3D Visualizer, fully integrated into the console software. The Visualizer allows you to view your light shows in highly realistic 3D. Full real-time PREVIEW allows you to create and refine your designs without interrupting the running show ...

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Martin Maxxyz
Martin Maxxyz

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