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Martin AF-1 Fan

The Martin AF-1 Fan features DMX as standard and can be installed from the ceiling, in the truss, or can be floor standing.

• Fan speed 0 – 2500 rpm
• 1600 cubic m/hr
• Single channel DMX operation
• Analogue link sockets
• Floor standing or truss mounting
• Low voltage multifunctional Remote control
• Sealed fan motor
• Converts smoke to haze, Wind effects
• Projects smoke down long lengths of ducting
• Keeps equipment cool: Amp racks, Dimmer racks

The Martin AF-1 Fan is a compact but powerful fan designed with clubs, studios, theatres and touring applications in mind. Martin AF-1 Fan features DMX input as standard and can be installed from the ceiling, in the truss, or can be floor standing. The Martin AF-1 Fan can be used alone or as part of a complete fog system by linking with other Jem machines using the analogue link or DMX. The analogue link socket permits multiple AF-1s to operate from one remote. An airflow lens ensures maximum directional throw
It incorporates a very high quality sealed fan motor designed to withstand high condensation levels associated with close proximity to smoke.

Martin AF-1 Fan may be interfaced with ZR12 AL, ZR12 DMX, ZR22 STD, ZR22 DMX and Club Smoke System to allow simultaneous operation between fan and smoke. Can be used for converting a fogger into a hazer. When an Martin AF-1 Fan is used at high output in conjunction with a smoke machine at low output, a perfect haze effect can be produced.

Low voltage hand held remote featuring auto timer and smoke level controls. Timer circuit features Jem’s unique 8X mode, which expands time capability of the standard timer settings by multiples of 8.

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Martin AF-1 Fan
Martin AF-1 Fan

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