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RiLL Emerald 500

The RiLL Emerald 500 is a compact and a very portable unit made with the smaller clubs and discos in mind,
With its true 500mw green laser the RiLL Emerald 500 doesn’t look out of place at most larger venues. Put the Emerald 500 together with the PM 2000 laser controller the possibilities become endless, with its stunning graphics, animation and text the RiLL Emerald 500 is undoubtedly one of the best laser systems in its class currently available.

· DPSS green laser 500mw (532nm)

· Beam quality 3mm (>1.5mrad)

· Laser class IV

· 30khz X-Y scanners for out-standing projection quality

· ILDA-ISP DB25 for scanner and modulation signals

· Controlled by any laser controller

· Mains voltage 240VAC IEC connecter

· Controller PM2000

· The PM2000 is a new high specification, laser display controller. It has been designed for professional live shows, where it is important to get the effects that you need, when you need them.

With PM2000 you can take laser display frames “as is” without any modification from many different popular laser display formats, and do what you want with them using modulations in real-time. The modulation engine is extremely advanced and supports many features, including the traditional ‘rotate’, ‘flip’, ‘zoom’ and ‘rove’...

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RiLL Emerald 500
RiLL Emerald 500

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