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Avolites Sapphire 2004

Highly popular in the rental market, Avolite Sapphire 2004 features electronic legends, dedicated theatre playback and comprehensive theatrical-style plotting and playback tools.

Avolite Sapphire 2004 is optimised for live control as well as theatre and musicals with large moving light rigs. The console offers many time saving dedicated features for the individual needs of television, concerts and industrial presentations.

The Avolite Sapphire 2004 is a powerful, streamlined, stylish console offering 2,048 channels and 100 pages of 20 playbacks. It also offers electronic legending, showing page contents and preset focus palette on both desk and VGA monitor.

Avolite Sapphire 2004 represents the third generation of Rolacue consoles. The console comes with a hundred pre-programmed moving light effects via the Avolites Shape Generator. This phenomenally powerful function makes complex movement, colour and gobo patterns immediately available to moving light programmers. The once characteristic roller is now replaced with high-resolution graphic displays. Avolite Sapphire 2004 is presented in a modern re-styled, sleek format for the 21st Century.

Avolite Sapphire 2004 has the ability to control hundreds of multi-parameter fixtures and DMX effects. Another powerful, new and unique feature of Avolite Sapphire 2004 is the Electronic Palette, offering 200 entries containing colours, positions, gobos, etc., all with their names electronically displayed. The 120 fixture select groups allows the programmer to instantly select moving light fixture groups, e.g. 'Front truss scans', 'back truss', 'all odd', 'all even', etc.

The console also has an integral Graphic Tablet, neatly tucked away in an internal drawer, enabling all the benefits of the much acclaimed Avolites Tracking System. Furthermore, Sapphire 2004 preserves the hands-on abilities and tactile modus operandi on which the Avolites reputation has been built ...

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Avolites Sapphire 2004
Avolites Sapphire 2004

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